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Google My Business FAQs
What is Google My Business (GMB)?
Google My Business are free local business listing provided by Google to display your company’s information on Google Maps and search results.
Can I track my interactions?
Google My Business provides analytics on who is visiting your profile and what they are using it for, providing great insight on your target market.
How can I get help with GMB?
VUP is here to help you! Talk to us today and we’ll get you on the right track to verifying, populating, and optimizing your Google My Business.
Does GMB affect my visibility?
Yes, it does! Google ranks businesses that have a verified Google My Business account higher in the Map Pack.
Does having photos on GMB matter?
Yes! The more strategic content on your Google My Business listing, the more credible Google views your business. Photos also create more interaction with customers.
What can I expect by signing up?
We will help you get verified for FREE. VUP Media will also provide you with a free Google My Business Audit and follow up with tips and information.
With over 25 years of experience in helping our clients grow their brand, VUP Media is ready to help take you to the next level.
Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Google My Business

56% of local businesses are missing out on reaching customers by not having a Google My Business listing. If you have not taken the time to create one, let’s get started now! If you do already have a GMB, ensure your business information is up to date and verified. Don’t miss out on a chance to get found for free on Google searches!

Google My Business 101
GMB is a robust directory that Google created that presents results on the branded search of your business.Typically it appears on the top of a mobile search.
What information is seen on mobile?
Your business name, location, and review rating is seen by customers. You can include more information like your website, allow users to contact you by texting, hours of operation, services, and more…. the more content you have, the higher your ranking will be on a Google search. Having the correct information makes it easier to get customers in the door.
What information is seen on desktop?
Customers searching your business on their computer will see Google My Business photos, location, phone number, business hours, reviews, and link to your website. Each piece of information about your business gives the customer points of interaction and increases your attractiveness.
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Why it is Important?
Increase chances of being found
When you have a verified GMB, your company is highlighted at the top of Google search results. It also provides customers the information they want quickly and easily.
Provides a Snapshot
With more searches being done on mobile devices, and google prioritizing its mobile first initiative, ensure your Google My Business listing is verified and optimized! GMBs are served up first in mobile search results! Remain front and center when users are searching for your business.
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Google My Business is an essential part of your company's online presence. Set yours up today—it’s free and simple. The next step is to make Google My Business work for you. To see the best results, your GMB needs to be verified and optimized.

VUP Media can verify, populate, and optimized your Google My business listing so you can concentrate on running your business. For a Free Consult on your GMB, contact us today at 401 949 8000.