Yushin America, a premier manufacturer of robots for factories and industrial automation, hired our team to develop an online resource and training center called Yushin University. Yushin University is an online training center for Yushin America clients and employees providing lessons, videos, resources and quizzes on-demand. These videos are perfect for new hire training and employee retraining.


Web Design & Platform Development

VUP Media was charged to design and develop a platform that would serve as an intranet for Yushin America customer and their employees to become certified in specific robot model operations.  But first, the intranet needed to be secure, permission-based Learning Management System (LMS) and segment each customer and it’s employees into their very own group.  The platform offers videos, white papers and manuals, as well as quizzes, where users are prompted to test their knowledge and can even become certified in a specific lesson or product.  Yushin University’s analytics module tracks user progress and completion of training.

Video Production

To help Yushin America introduce and promote the Yushin University online training center platform, VUP Media produced a 3-part series of videos. These promotional videos are being used online socially and in email marketing campaigns to introduce the platform to Yushin’s clients and employees!

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