The Downtown Development Authority of Delray Beach (DDA) is one of our tourism clients which promotes Delray Beach, Florida as a destination and its various events in the Downtown Delray Beach community. The DDA requested a campaign to promote their city and all it has to offer. We took the bull by the horns and set out to create our pitch.

VUP Media wanted a campaign that highlighted how Delray Beach has something to offer everyone. After brainstorming, VUP Media developed the snippet below as the inspiration resulted in the “Make it Yours” campaign. The heart of our campaign’s messaging was to make a humanized, emotional connection. With all that Delray has to offer, the individual amenities were portrayed as unique experiences that a visitor could create and remain centric to his/ her own likes, thereby creating the “Make it Yours” campaign.

“On the east coast of South Florida, there is a different kind of destination where stories unfold.  Yours can be among them.  Downtown Delray Beach is a place for adventurists, staycationers, and travelers alike seeking an all-encompassing experience in a breathtaking setting surrounded by an abundance of eclectic dining, one-of-a-kind shopping, rich culture and art, tons of fun things to do for every age, miles of award-winning beaches.” 

The campaign had a story line and after winning the DDA Tourism bid, it was time to bring it to life. First, the voice of the campaign was created. This voice was inviting and brought the image of Delray to mind even if you have never been there to experience it for yourself. From there, the color palette and campaign logo were created. These would be used in any creative collateral needed for consistency. Since the “Make it Yours” story has five different interests, the logo and color pallet was a crucial element to tie the stories together.

Once the details for the campaign had been decided, we created a brand guidelines book. When promoting this campaign and using it across all different platforms, it is necessary to stick with the brand’s colors, fonts, logo (and variations), imagery, and language.

The result is a series of assets that make both parties proud to call Delray Beach home. Check out the “Make it Yours” video below!

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