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We can all appreciate a good logo, but I have some startling news to share… your brand should be more than your logo. Your brand should give you an edge in your market by differentiating yourself from competitors. Here are a few things to consider when building a brand that gives your company a strong vision for the future:


The company’s mission sets the guidelines for the business to operate in. Your mission should outline the core values and purpose of the company. If you keep the mission statement in mind when strategizing brand placement, you are creating a more meaning marketing plan.


Depending on your product or service, a storyline is essential in building that relationship with consumers. Studies have shown that people rely on emotions, rather than information, when making decisions about a brand. Create a storyline that helps instill an emotional response in the consumer and stays true to your company’s strategic plan.


Your logo should not be the only visual used for company’s digital presence. Currently, the marketing trend is to deliver messages by visual communication. By using consistent visual concepts, you can create brand awareness and increase engagement with potential consumers.


Your brand is also reinforced by the style and modes of communication used to interact with your customers. If your brand embodies a carefree product, then the communication with consumers should reflect that.


Your brand is your marketing strategy and vice versa. You want a brand image that grows in the direction the company wants to grow. By developing a marketing plan, you are essentially developing the way your brand will be presented to consumers.

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